About Us

About Us

Innovatech International Solutions has accumulated extensive experience at leading telecom companies, chemical companies as well as call centres and marketing companies with a proven track record.
Innovatech International Solution is a registered non-refining supplier focusing mainly on the commercial market. Operating under an exclusive supply contract with various international suppliers this association ensures that we are able to secure a full range of petroleum products throughout African market.
Established in 2009, Innovatech International Solutions (IIS) is a privately held company based in South Africa. Innovatech International Solutions was founded by Mr Prinasen Dhaver. We plan on opening our international office in Dubai by 2014 this will allow us access to an international banking platform and allow our company to grow exponentially.
Currently Innovatech international solutions is the a non–refining supplier with an exclusive supplier footprint in the neighbouring African countries.
Since inception the company has grown substantially, but even more so over the past four years through branding, fuel and energy investments in African neighbouring markets.
Innovatech plans to launch a new technology division in 2014 , bringing first world technology to the African continent.
We have become a significant player in the commercial market and will continue our growth focus while maintaining the excellent service levels for which we have become renowned.
Clients encompass a range of companies in the transport, logistics, construction, agriculture, mining, fuel distribution and retail sectors.
The company has its head office in Ballito, Kwa Zulu Natal, as well as satellite offices in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, Sandton, Gauteng,
International Head Office Dubai, United Arab Emirate (Opening 2014) as well as plans to open other branches country wide.
During 2011, we launched a new division in the company to allow external investors to acquire a stake of the company via our investment capitalization project.
We are happy to report that every single person that participated in this arrangement with Innovatech International  has not only received a return of approximately 8% per month,
nearly every single participant has had in excess of the initial amounts that they had put in returned by way of the monthly returns.
The company does not intend growing at any cost, but rather to concentrate on specific niche markets.
More than ever before, Innovatech international solutions is intent on providing outstanding service and competitive pricto a select number of clients.
We pride ourselves on being an innovative company, offering a wide range of petroleum products and services, backed by an excellent after sales service to all our customers.

Our Team

Our Team

Innovatech International Solutions believes in partnering with organizations that bring complimentary skills in order to deliver quality service to clients in highly specialized fields.


Chief Executive Officer

Prinasen Dhaver: 0613420451



Senior Investment Executive

Weldon Daddy: 0739505490



Executive Information Manager

Amith Baboolal: 0798583529



Senior Consultant

Lennon Pillay: 0735749197



Office lines

Landline: 0325863733

Integrated Line : 0861466682

Contact Us

Contact Us

Investor T's & C's

Investor T's & C's


These terms and conditions apply to your Profit Share account with Innovatech, a division of Innovatech International Solutions Limited. It constitutes an agreement between you and the Innovatech International Solutions. By opening the account, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  • means your Profit Share account.
  • means the agreement between you and the Innovatech International Solutions.
  • means specific features or rules of the products.
  • refers to the account holder.
  • ” refers to Innovatech, a division of Innovatech International Solutions Limited.

“Maturity date” is the date on which funds are available for withdrawal.

“MOU” refers to Memorandum of understanding

  • Exchange rate” refers to ZAR/USD exchange rate




2% - 4%

Amount you must deposit into the account when you open it

R 50 000,00


Your account may not fall below this balance

R 50 000,00


What return will you earn, how and when is it calculated and paid?

A flexi return rate. This means the return you earn on your account will change if there are fluctuations in the exchange rate. Based on your instructions, returns will be paid to you at the end of the Fixed Period i.e. on maturity or monthly, quarterly or twice a year. Return will be paid into the account of your choice.

Can you deposit money into the account at any time?

Yes. This is Called Capital Injection. The investor must quote their reference number when deciding to increase their capital value and also send proof of payment to payments@innovatechgroup.co.za

Fees you must pay us

Penalty fees will apply if you make an early withdrawal. Refer to “Withdrawals” section of these rules

The minimum amount of time the money must stay in your account

For FIXED period, as per the agreed term invested for. Refer to memorandum of understanding (MOU) Agreement which sets out the term and return rate

When can you withdraw money from the account?

Early withdrawal of funds is not allowed. You may only withdraw money from this account at the end of the fixed period. In extreme circumstances we may at our discretion allow an early withdrawal. However, an early withdrawal will attract penalty fees as determined by us from time to time. These penalty fees may reduce your capital amount.

What happens at the end of the investment period/on maturity?

You must tell us how to handle your funds on maturity. If we don’t receive any instructions from you, we will automatically reinvest your funds at the prevailing return rate for the same time period as the matured investment. In the case of automatic re-investments, you have a 14 day grace period from the renewal date to change the investment instructions.

Note: The Profit Share Account General Terms & Conditions also apply to you. A copy of these terms & conditions is available from our office.


How it works?

The capital is credited into Innovatech’s bank guarantee.  The bank guarantee is then used to finance diesel. We have a various back to back fuel contracts in place with various fuel stations in across African countries. Diesel is supplied to these fuel stations on a weekly basis thus allowing us to receive our return on investment weekly. The exchange rate plays a vital role in this as the returns are based on exchange rate fluctuations. When the exchange rate is less than equal to R10.85 the return rate will be lower and when the exchange rate is greater than equal to R12.85 the return rate will be higher.

 The following table serves as a guideline in identifying your monthly return according to the rand-dollar exchange:

Explained below are the percentages returns per month:

Minimum Monthly Return

Average Monthly Return

Maximum Monthly Return




Return Rates for 2014

Return rates work in proportion to the amount of capital invested. The more capital invested, the more diesel can be purchased and supplied to African countries. This results in a higher return rate. Return pay-outs occur on a monthly basis and are completed no later than the 10th of each month. Innovatech holds three investment classes (silver, gold, platinum). These classes are deciphered based on the amount capital put in by the MOU holder.

Below are the percentages returned per month on the minimum contract duration per investment class?

Investment Class

Monthly Return Percentage

Capital Invested

Minimum Contract



2% - 4%

R50 000 – R430 000

12 months


4% - 6%

R430 000 – R860 000

24 months


6% - 8%

R 860 000 +

36 months

Returns have the option to be fully or partially reinvested with Innovatech International Solutions. Alternatively returns can be fully paid out on a monthly basis into your bank account.


Innovatech International Solutions has moved over to an International Corporate Banking Platform. 

This has resulted in Innovatech International Solutions being unable to pay into Credit / Garage cards, as the banking system does not allow it to make payments into those type of accounts.  

Innovatech has also had to adapt to utilising client coding for payments.

This has resulted in a "one bank account per client" ruling as per the banking platform. 

We do apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused. 

You are more than welcome to change the banking details to a SPECIFIC nominated bank account with Innovatech International Solutions. 

Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Statements are issued to investors regarding their investment on a quarterly basis.

Statements should be checked for accuracy on receipt. In the case of an unlikely discrepancy the onus is on the investor to report the matter to us within 30days, otherwise the statement will be deemed as correct.

In the case of a possible dispute of items appearing on a statement our records will be the primary source of proof.


Please be advised that Innovatech International Solutions, will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for your YEARLY SARS TAXATION payment RETURNS, with reference to your PROFIT SHARING AGREEMENT with Innovatech International Solutions.Withdrawal and Early Withdrawal

You may withdraw your capital at the end of the agreed maturity date or at the end of an early withdrawal request notice.

Unless the relevant product specifications allow, an early withdrawal of investments will not be allowed.

We may however at our discretion, in extreme circumstances, agree to a request for an early withdrawal.

If an early withdrawal is agreed upon by Innovatech a penalty fee of 5% of your active capital amount will be deducted from your account and only the active capital amount minus the returns paid during the contracted course will be returned to the MOU holder. Commission paid to consultants from your account will also be deducted from your active capital amount.

Withdrawals from your account may only take place after specific class duration dates. A formal letter must be sent to us in advance regarding your request to withdraw your funds in guidance the notice period stated below:

Investment Class

Withdrawal Notice


30 Days


60 Days


90 Days

Emergency Withdrawals

In the case of an emergency two free withdrawals consisting of 15% of your initial capital will be allowed without penalty fees.  These emergency withdrawals must have a duration of 6 months apart per withdrawal. The notice period for an emergency withdrawal is 30 business days. Minimum capital balance should not fall below R50 000.00 upon withdrawal.


In the case of fraud, suspected fraud or if the law compels us to, we reserve all rights to protect our interest and can include freezing the investment until the matter is resolved.

Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information

Your personal information will be treated as private and confidential. Your personal Information shall not be disclosed unless; we are legally compelled to; where our interests require disclosure; if it is in the public interest or if you have issued consent to disclose this information.


You agree that any action against you for a claim that may arise in terms of this MOU may be brought forward to a Magistrate’s Court, even if the amount which we claim from you, exceeds the Jurisdiction of this court.

You agree to pay all Innovatech’s legal expenses in recovering any outstanding amounts you owe us including legal fees.

Correspondence with Innovatech

Any correspondence (letters, statements of returns, SMS’s, etc.) will be sent to your last known cellular number, postal or email address.

Formal legal notices will be served to your last known residential address.

It is up to you the investor to notify us of any changes in your address or alternative contact details either in writing or via our call centre. Our systems may take up to seven days on the date which notice had been received by us to register the changes.

Any correspondence from us will be sent via our Avaya Aura network in the form of SMS’s or via email or other systems by request.

Amendment of Terms and Conditions

We may, at our discretion, change any of these terms and conditions.

These amendments will not constitute a new agreement between you and Innovatech.

Failure to acknowledge our terms and conditions will result in a breach of our contract agreement. Your contract will not be renewed at the end of the contract period. Only the initial capital invested will be transferred into your account at the end of the contract term.