About Us

About Us

Innovatech International Solutions has accumulated extensive experience at leading telecom companies, chemical companies as well as call centres and marketing companies with a proven track record.
Innovatech International Solution is a registered non-refining supplier focusing mainly on the commercial market. Operating under an exclusive supply contract with various international suppliers this association ensures that we are able to secure a full range of petroleum products throughout African market.
Established in 2009, Innovatech International Solutions (IIS) is a privately held company based in South Africa. Innovatech International Solutions was founded by Mr Prinasen Dhaver. We plan on opening our international office in Dubai by 2014 this will allow us access to an international banking platform and allow our company to grow exponentially.
Currently Innovatech international solutions is the a non–refining supplier with an exclusive supplier footprint in the neighbouring African countries.
Since inception the company has grown substantially, but even more so over the past four years through branding, fuel and energy investments in African neighbouring markets.
Innovatech plans to launch a new technology division in 2014 , bringing first world technology to the African continent.
We have become a significant player in the commercial market and will continue our growth focus while maintaining the excellent service levels for which we have become renowned.
Clients encompass a range of companies in the transport, logistics, construction, agriculture, mining, fuel distribution and retail sectors.
The company has its head office in Ballito, Kwa Zulu Natal, as well as satellite offices in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, Sandton, Gauteng,
International Head Office Dubai, United Arab Emirate (Opening 2014) as well as plans to open other branches country wide.
During 2011, we launched a new division in the company to allow external investors to acquire a stake of the company via our investment capitalization project.
We are happy to report that every single person that participated in this arrangement with Innovatech International  has not only received a return, nearly every single participant has had in excess of the initial amounts that they had put in returned by way of the monthly returns.
The company does not intend growing at any cost, but rather to concentrate on specific niche markets.
More than ever before, Innovatech international solutions is intent on providing outstanding service and competitive pricto a select number of clients.
We pride ourselves on being an innovative company, offering a wide range of petroleum products and services, backed by an excellent after sales service to all our customers.

Our Team

Our Team

Innovatech International Solutions believes in partnering with organizations that bring complimentary skills in order to deliver quality service to clients in highly specialized fields.


Chief Executive Officer

Prinasen Dhaver: 0613420451



Senior Investment Executive

Weldon Daddy: 0739505490



Executive Information Manager

Amith Baboolal: 0798583529



Senior Consultant

Lennon Pillay: 0735749197



Office lines

Landline: 0325863733

Integrated Line : 0861466682

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